Copy of LP book COVID (2)

Here's your Accounting Practice's response to COVID-19 Updated 24 March 2020

Version 2.0 of the Business Continuity Plan ("BCP") gives you programs to run Assistance Programs with clients and their management team. It systemises your response to COVID-19 and gets you paid for your advice.

Included Documents
  • Updated – Business Continuity Plan System for Advisors
  • Updated – Business Continuity Plan for your Clients
  • NEW – Business Owner update email – SEND THIS OUT TODAY!
  • NEW – Quick Cash Flow Scenario Planner spreadsheet + Examples
  • NEW – Letter to Landlords requesting Rent Reduction
  • NEW – Working from Home Policy + Employment Policy example

What’s inside?


Introducing Assistance Programs

Assistance Programs standardise all the advice you give into controllable time slots with standardised processes. Don't be reactive to  clients.  Make it easy to get yourself paid. 

Stimulus Package Tax Planning Strategies

TaxPlan+ has 70 tax planning strategies for the 2020 season. Our 14 new strategies include stimulus measures to keep more cash in your clients war chest.


Your Mental Health Resources

You need to keep your practice cash flow coming in, and you need to be here in the long term so you can still help your clients. These mental health questionnaires help you lead your team. Coming in version 2.0

Assistance for Accountants
Discounted interest rate from QuickFee, Key business and personal protection documents for COVID-19 from LightYear Docs, remote working advice from Practice Protect, and vital document storage from MyProsperity. 


Information accurate 23 March 1:00 PM

This massive Web Event delivered inspiring messages to get you strong and ready to support the "Mum and Dad" business owners of Australia.


  • Remember to look after yourself first
  • Why part 4A shouldn't apply to tax minimisation strategies
  • How to use the "Quick Scratch" Cash Flow in BCP 2.0 
  • Interview with insolvency firm  Mackay Goodwin founder Dominic Calabreto
    • When to use a holding DOCA 
    • Hidden tricks with managing leases
    • How to avoid phoenix activity
    • Prepayment of accounting fees
    • How to get your free consultation
  • Interview with Happy HR founder Chris Smith to find out
    • How to stand down staff and how to get a FREE HR consultation
    • Rules if a staff member is infected
  • Interviews with real accountants using the BCP - they will inspire you
    • Ben Chandler from Strategy 1, Melissa Austin from Brilliant for Business, Alex Stewart from Maggs Reid Stewart 


Information accurate at 16 March 2020 1.00PM

The majority of questions prior to the web event focused on pricing for advice around COVID-19 continuity planning. This webinar answers your questions about this and David and Tim role play a potential client objection if they are on fixed monthly fees.

The web event then introduces you to the Business Continuity Plan, with tips on how to use it. Watch the recording below




MC Speakers

Timothy Munro,  Founder and CEO

Everything Timothy does is to help accounting and small business owners. Every app and system in ChangeGPS is Practice Proven in Timothy's firm Change Accountants and Advisors. An Australian Financial Review Top 100 practice, 2015 Xero Firm of the Year, Xero Platinum Partner and 2016 IPA National Firm of the year winner. 

MC Speakers (1)

David Boyar, GM of Growth

David is so passionate about the role of Accountants he did a TedX talk on it!  Host of the #2 iTunes business news podcast "From The Trenches Real Life in the Accounting Industry", Co- Founder of the Virtual CFO Association, Founder of Sequel CFO and ambassador for Chartered Accountant's Catalyst innovation program. David recently joined Change GPS after winning a $26k client for his practice using our apps.